Hadley Neller (Centre) with his fighter of the day trophy and some of the K.9 fighters who attended

33 Members of the K.9 Fight Team and Golden Gloves Boxing Academy were in action at an interclub Skills tournament at Yare Village Holiday Camp in Burgh Castle last weekend.

The event was attended by 5 clubs: Reflex Martial Arts from Dickleburgh, Inferno Gym from Harleston, Spartans Boxing Club, K.9 Fight Team and Golden Gloves Boxing Academy. All the fighters performed exceptionally, showing great skills and maturity the youngest competitors were aged just 5, ranging right through to their 30’s.

K.9 star performers were Hadley Neller (8) and Tia Sayer (13) and Golden Gloves fighter of the day was Jake Docwra (12).

K.9 and Golden Gloves competitors were as follows, Lewis Brown, Hadley Neller, Tia Sayer, Kelsea Carroll, Logan Kirk, Brodie Munro, Chaney Docwra, Jake Docwra, Teddy Tavender, Remy Sayer, Tyler Munro, Dublyn Doole, Martin Plummer, Blake Hackleton, Chiara Spink, Ben Mitchell, Ashton Neller, Conner McHugh, Venu Lambo, Katey Plummer, Aimee Cooper, Caroline Price, Harrison Taylor, Reece Saunders, William Casey, Jackson Taylor, Shanice Baker, Alanna Boyce, Imogen Casey, Emily Porter, Jasmine Himpleman, Danny Mitchell and Aaron Monson.

A great day was had by all and K.9 would like to thank everyone for attending.

Anyone interested in Kickboxing, Muay Thai or Boxing can pop down to Legends Fitness Academy (Steam Mill Lane), where K.9, Golden Gloves and Spartans are all based.