As you all have probably heard, there are rumours of Gyms possibly re-opening in July. This is NOT confirmed and in no way definite. However, we will be ready if this becomes Government policy. There will be many social distancing guidelines that we will be adhering to: In reception there will be a mandatory sanitising station before you sign in/pay, with screens on the counter between staff and customers.

IN THE WEIGHTS/FITNESS GYM there will be a one way system, strictly enforced mandatory sanitising stations and machine cleaning stations, reduced amounts of machines and work stations (for social distancing), a maximum numbers cap for each room, we have also invested in safety screens/pods between work stations for our members safety and peace of mind, we have also built a new cardio machine room to house some of the excess machines.

IN THE CLASSES/COMBAT GYM, we also have a mandatory sanitising station and an equipment cleaning station, classes will be of a limited number of students so that everyone can safely be 2 metres apart (no clinching/grappling or sparring or any sort of physical contact till government approval), bags and work stations are also now socially distanced and areas are clearly taped to show 2 metre gaps, classes will have a 15 minute gap between them for the facilities to be cleaned and for the class participants to leave the building before the next class arrives (strictly NO hanging around waiting in reception or changing rooms).

People (weight trainers AND class members) will be asked to come to the Gym in their work out gear as there will be no locker use and no more than 3 people in the changing rooms at 1 time to comply with social distancing, (surplus seating will be removed from changing rooms, and only 1 shower will be in use in each changing room so that people keep their distance and dont hang around in the changing rooms) ideally it would be better to be straight in and out and have your shower at home.

If this is all going to work, and we are given the go ahead to re open we (all clubs/coaches and fitness gym members) must be on the same page and explain to students and friends etc that there can be NO PEOPLE standing around reception, BEFORE, DURING OR AFTER CLASSES AND TRAINING! Social distancing unfortunately is now a way of life, if people are not willing to adhere to these guidelines (which are the only way that we can re open) then we will have to ask you not to come to our Gym as you will spoil things for the ones who will keep to the rules and understand that they have to be made, we will have to enfore all these guidelines and there will be local council spot checks too.

Legends management will keep you updated and look forward to seeing all our members safely return as soon as possible. Stay safe and well.