It was a spectacular weekend for the local K.9 Kickboxing Gym, in Motherwell, Scotland. Eight Junior fighters travelled up to Scotland with Coaches Dave Munro, Leon Docwra and Scott Sayer to represent England in the Scottish Open International Kickboxing Championships.

K.9 Fighters Win Medals for England

Victorious K.9 fighters with coaches Dave, Leon and Scott

The English team exceeded all expectations winning 8 Gold medals, 2 Silver and 2 Bronze against top Scottish opposition in both Full Contact and Light Contact Kickboxing.

In The Full Contact Gold Medallists were:

  • Remy Sayer (11) (-30 kilos 9-11 years)
  • Nicky McHugh (11) (-35 kilos 9-11 years)
  • Travis Manning (13) ( -45 kilos 12-14 years)

Silver Medallists:

  • Luca McComb (10) (-35 kilos 9-11 years)

In the Light Contact Gold Medallists were:

  • Jade Munro (15) (Open Weight -16’s)
  • Travis Manning (13) (-40 kilos -16’s)
  • Tia Sayer (12) (-45 kilos -16’s)
  • Remy Sayer (11) (-30 kilos -16’s)
  • Tyler Munro (10) (-145 cms -16’s)

Silver Medallists:

  • Tia Sayer (12) (-50 kilos -16’s)

Bronze Medallists:

  • Chaney Docwra (7) (-125cm’s -8 years)
  • Chaney Docwra (7) (-125cm’s -8 years)

Remy Sayer was probably the star of the team winning a total of 5 bouts, two by K.O in the Full Contact, winning 2 Gold Medals, and completely dominating all his opponents.

Tyler Munro and Chaney Docwra did brilliantly in their first ever International event, winning hard bouts to win their respective Gold and Bronze Medals.

2010 World Champion Jade Munro had to overcome two, much heavier and taller, opponents to get to her final where she clinched Gold, the best she’s fought in a couple of injury plagued years. The whole team were outstanding and did Yarmouth, Lowestoft and the K.9 Gym proud.