New Champions Danny Mitchell & Nicky Mchugh with Aaron Monson and coach Dave Munro

New Champions Danny Mitchell & Nicky Mchugh with Aaron Monson and coach Dave Munro

On a massive charity bill of Kickboxing, K.1 and White Collar Boxing at the Ocean Rooms Gorleston, Fighters from Yarmouth and Lowestoft battled it out with opponents from Nottingham, Newark, Norwich and Harleston, Diss, Cambridge and Felixstowe.

Top of the the bill was a K.1 clash between Yarmouth’s Danny Mitchell (K.9 Gym) and Lowestoft’s tough and explosive Alex Massey (Team Gladiator) for the South East Area Amateur Light Middleweight Title. After an explosive first round dominated by Massey’s boxing and Low-Kicks, Mitchell came storming back in the second landing superb Low-kicks and hard knees to Massey’s mid section, Mitchells knees were having an effect and the ref nearly stepped in as Mitchell had Massey on the ropes with a barrage of knees and punches when the bell went, Massey’s coach rightly withdrew him, an exciting battle with Mitchell becoming Area Champion by T.K.O.

Aaron Monson (K.9 Team) had his final boxing bout (due to needing a second round of hip surgery) taking on excellent Norwich Fighter Callum Meeks, it was a ferocious bout with neither fighter taking any notice of defence, Meeks coming forward aggressively and Monson countering, turning Meeks and countering again throughout the bout, the bout could of gone either way but the winner was Monson on a close points decision.

Lowestoft’s Hadley Neller (K.9 Team) beat Spartans Club’s Craig Ngavetene in a very close junior boxing bout. Cam McGarrigle (K.9 Team) was back to his winning ways beating Jordan Sears (Spartans) in an excellent boxing contest, Jordan having only his second bout put up a great battle in an exciting fight. Lowestoft’s Mick Garlick (K.9 Team) beat Harleston’s Dale Scarff in a technical kickboxing bout a great advert for the sport.

Imogen Casey (K.9 Team) was in super form beating Beth Cates (Spartans) on points in their boxing contest, Brave Beth was not 100% as she’d recently hurt her leg, but was determined not to pull out.

Double World Gold Medallist Nicky McHugh (K.9 Team) beat tough and skilful Riley Church from the hugely successful N.M.A Gym for the W.K.A English -40kilos Title, Nicky has had the best year of his seven years of Kickboxing, in which he’s won six championships and Gold Medals.

Kerry Norfolk (K.9 Team) beat Tania Ambrosia (Team Fuzeta) in an excellent close, boxing bout which swung first one way then the other all the way through a great battle between two tough ladies. K.9’s Connor McHugh, Ben Mitchell, Venu Lambo, Remy Sayer, Emily Greiner and Tia Sayer all took part in skills bouts and all looked sharp and impressive. As too did all the Spartans lads.

K.9’s Bin Tyler and Marty ‘Boy’ Duke did an exhibition bout to raise money for the ‘Ryan Harman Appeal’ and raised £843 for him. Spartans coach Tony Norman and Felixstowe’s Gary Garbutt also put on a charity bout and raised £650 for the charity ‘Scotty’s Little Soldiers’.

Craig Ngavetene (Spartans) beat Newarks Harley Price in an excellent close boxing bout. Team Noguiera’s Adam Harvey and Modsetas also fought on the show and gave impressive performances as too did Team Fuzetas Osvaldes Jovaslas.

Remy Sayer (Home) and Kai Smart (Away) won junior fighter of the night awards.

A great day day for all the Yarmouth and Lowestoft Fighters.